The Immersion: My First Impression





           I’ve been in San Jose, Costa Rica for a week now and I truly love it! My first impression of Costa Rica’s  people and culture was  unlike any other. Everyone has been very patient about me speaking ” muy poco” Spanish, which has made me even more eager to build my vocabulary. My host mother only speaks Spanish, so communication has been quite the activity. She’s a very sweet women so she’s always making efforts to learn some basic English from me, while she also teaches me some new dialect. With patience and teamwork, I believe this stay will be successful. 

          So far, I’ve been on a tour of Clinica Biblica Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Clinica Bibilica Hospial is a  very nice private hospital that was opened in 1945. Costa Rica is known internationally for is outstanding, free healthcare but because Clinica Biblica Hospital is privately own it is not free. Though not free, it offers amazing healthcare and a beautiful atmosphere. It has a plethora of clinics of many specialties, it’s own pharmacy, and many other perks!

         While there, I was able to visit the hospitals lab. I was excited to find that one of the interns spoke English so I was able to have a much more interesting experience. She was able to show me how all of the machines they use worked and how they tested things like urine and blood samples. The most exciting part of it all was learning my blood type. At first, I was very hesitant due to my fear of needles but somehow they convinced me to go along with it. Once I got pass the horrifying needle, I was able to see the interesting process that goes into figuring out ones blood type. After 15 short minutes, I learned that I was O positive!

           Along with shadowing,  I’ve also started my Medical Spanish class at Veritas Universidad. Everyday I walk there from my home and get to take in the beauty of the city. On my walks I see many friendly faces, homes, and sodas. Sodas are small restaurants that serve traditional Costa Rican dishes at affordable prices. Places like this are where I normally eat lunch. On my walks I also notice the differences in how Costa Rican’s drive. Though they are very friendly people, they drive dangerously. My Medical Spanish course is accelerated so time management is very important so I can also enjoy the city around me. 

                                                              I love San Jose and can’t wait to explore more!

Calle 31
                    Pintortilla from Tortilleria in San Jose, Costa Rica         .                       
                                            Me at Clinica Biblica Hospital.