The Han River






Last Saturday, I pulled an all nighter for studying. From 11pm to 7am I worked on projects, studied Korean, and read about investments. Believe it or not, I felt great when I was finished. In addition to studying hard, I also took a little time to enjoy life. My wise friend recommended that it is not healthy to only study.

First, I changed by badminton grip. It was awkward at first, but now I am able to hit harder and react quicker than before. Second, I went to cat cafe with my classmate. Finally, I went to the Han River. The last mentioned activity was done not last week, but is still fun enough to be mentioned.

My frustration and anxiety is minimized due to my friend’s advice. I would like to conclude with a little advice for students that study abroad. That advice is reach out of your usual circle of friends. For example, try to made friends with natives that are non-students. You will see new perspectives. In particular, seek people older than you. There is more to studying abroad than just your lame clubbing friends! IMG_4963IMG_4964IMG_4965