The Goodbyes Begin





Just seeing some friends on the last day of class!! I will miss them!

Wow! I am surprised that I have made it to the end of this amazing journey. I have so many mixed emotions at the moment, some are full of happiness because I am hanging out with all of my friends before I leave, and it is because they are leaving that is making upset. Even though this week was finals week, I made sure to make sure I was able to study and balance both because some of friends finished early, so they wanted to begin their travels early. That is what I decided to do this weekend, is to enjoy our time with our friends!

This was after it rained, so the evening was breathtaking!!

Friday was one of the best days that could have happened, because there was huge reunion of people that I have met. All we did was eat, drink, and talk for hours and hours. I cannot remember when I had that much fun, and staying up the entire night until the first train started. We even went to sing afterwards to pass more time.

I tried to think that is was just another weekend to make my mind at ease and it worked for me. It honestly surprises me, that I came here with not a single person and had one sold mindset of just getting this done and going home. Now, I do not want to return. I want to stay and hang around with everyone I met here. No one here was counting when they wanted to leave, but now it is sad to say that I just have one week here left.

The friends that are still here, I want to make the most with them as much as I can. One thing is that I did not have an Instagram, and everyone here has an one. In the end, I was convinced and I am glad that I did. I wish I could say that this is was a smooth semester, but there were some bumps in the road. It took a while and determination as well with the support of my friends, I was able to move past it.


Scenes like this are the reasons I do not want to leave.

Even after hanging out with friends, I decided to go shopping for more luggage at a market near Myeong-dong. The place was full of many tourist looking to buy anything that would catch their attention. I was just walking around with my friend, looking and buying things for each of our families.

It started raining while we were their and then the weather turned bright. There were big beautiful clouds, and the orange sky just made the place way more beautiful. Of course, I stopped by to take a pictures of the majestic scenery. I knew this was a great day, and I am looking forward to seeing how my final week in South Korea will be. I will make it as great as possible and enjoy it with my friends who are here. My future will surely be a great one, I can tell! Stay tuned!


This was just in the middle of town, and we took a break to admire everything around.