The French Riviera. Hanging out on the Beach (Rant)





Yeezus Christ! There is so many people at the beach just tanning all the time. Half of them are several hues darker than they originally. Compared to them I looked like an albino. 

Kids just sitting out on the beach to tan. Not many of them rubbing sunscreen on. Don’t they know that they can get cancer from the strong UV rays. Some with rays with enough energy to ionize. It also just wasn’t the youngins, taking in the rays, old folks where out there also. Their skin leathery and dark. An over abundance of wrinkles on most of them. 

But I guess who wouldn’t be out there everyday. The beach was a beautiful place. Grab a croissant and an espresso from the lovely old lady at Brioche Dorre, using somewhat poor french I learnt for a year in high school, then head to the beach to let time just pass by.

Important Reminder: The ocean is salty. Don’t jump in with your mouth and eyes open. It stings for a short moment.