The End of a Paragraph






Recently, my break time in Budapest ended.  Those who were in town to visit me departed, as the students of my first semester here did not a month before hand. My brief peace and solitude afterwards also ended, since not a day later my first roommate arrived crashing through the door with his girlfriend. After the first few ups and downs of the semester I thought I would write a blog dedicated to things ending.

The obvious one to anyone who knows me that ended is my sleep cycle of waking up at 6 p.m. and going to sleep at 8 a.m. I must say that I am sad to see it go, but glad to watch it leave. It is nice to see the sun again. This sleep cycle ending also heralds in the end of playing video games all night, being on at least a more similar schedule to my friends back home, and eating whatever I can find laying around the house since I was never awake during the hours of a local grocery store. All of these are probably more or less good things.

Another thing that is starting to end is my hate towards analysis. Over the break I was self studying some of the easier real analysis on my own and by the time I got through a fair portion of it, I found the subject a lot more interesting than I imagined I ever would. This seems to be a product of my mathematical immaturity coming to an end, something that was more or less necessary to make it through the math program here in Budapest intact. Of course I still am lazy, this hasn’t changed, but rather what I am lazy about has changed a lot. There is no more skimping on details if they are important to understanding the idea. There is however always a loud groan that comes out of my mouth when it is time to do any work at all.

It is nearing the end of winter here, and though there is no snow on the ground, it is getting slightly warmer by the day. Which comes with the end of long underwear, scarfs, sweaters, and everything else I enjoy clothing wise. It is the end of having my home from home at my home away from home, but it is also clearly becoming the end of considering Budapest home away from home instead of home.

All in all, some things have ended.