The End of a 5-Week Roller Coaster




Wow, what a week! My time at Ritsumeikan has come to an end. The final week was full of nothing but cram sessions, Kanji practice, and late nights for preparation for my final exam on Wednesday, June 18th, and two presentations on Thursday, June 19th! However, I survived it, and Thursday evening and Friday was full of celebration, fun, and tears!

On Thursday, June 19th, my wonderful friends who Imet thanks to the scholarship requirement for the Fund for Education Abroad took us out for dinner, karaoke, and fun crazy pictures known as purikura. After surprising them with presents, they in turn surprised my twin and I on Friday by giving us so many treats! I will miss every single one of them.

However, Friday was one of the most touching moments of my life. I had to say goodbye to so many wonderful friends I’ve made. I did not think it was possible to grow so close to people in 5 weeks, but this adventure proves that indeed it is! The only way we I describe Friday is the following: The closing ceremony, which all students got to perform a skit or performance, was like a funeral. Everyone was mourning the loss of our amazing experience together, and the dream that we all shared. The after party was like the repast, where everyone got together to eat, take LOTS of photos, and share the craziest stories from the trip.

Overall, this week has been hectic, but it had a really bittersweet ending.  Right now, I am in Tokyo for another amazing adventure, but I miss everyone so much. I look forward to meeting all of the friends I’ve made in the future. That was not goodbye; it was “see you later.”