The Countdown Begins – Rome, Italy Pre-Departure




Hello everyone! I am Nicolette Alexandra. I’m a third-year student at Rutgers University majoring in Journalism and Media as well as Italian Studies. I will be studying abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy this summer. As a future foreign correspondent, I know it is important to be exposed to different cultures and customs and I believe that being in the eternal city will further prepare me for my future career. While there, I will be taking history classes that not only take students to historical sites and museums but also expose them to the reality of social inequalities that were present back then, and still linger in the Italian society today. Seeing that I hope to write about stories surrounding identity and culture, I know that this will be a big step in the direction of my future and I’m so excited for all the opportunities that John Cabot University will expose me to. I am very thankful for the Fund for Education Abroad, and I cannot wait to use this platform to blog my weekly experiences!