The Climb: Fushimi Inari!




We start our journey towards the top!

Well, it’s the final stretch! There’s only 1 week left until my time in Kyoto comes to an end! I’m currently in denial about accepting the fact that my new normal will soon be a memory, but I’m going to make the most of my last week and spend as much time as I can with the many new friends that I’ve made! So I started off the week with a bang and decided to take the ultimate challenge in Kyoto; climbing to the top of Fushimi Inari! Fushimi Inari (named for the fox deity, Inari) is known for its thousands of torii gate lined up a mountain path, and the hundred or so shrines located along the path as well. With the many steps up the mountain, the task of completing the climb is quite grueling, and most people give up before reaching the top. However, I was determined to not be one of those people, and set a goal to reach the top no matter what!

Me, my twin (Shonda), and 3 of our friends (Jennifer, Kathy, and Cassandra) decided to make the long journey together! We were instantly captivated by the seemingly endless amount of beautiful torii gates, and the many breathtaking views around us! However, as I mentioned earlier, the climb is very rigorous, and before long, 2 of my friends (Jennifer and Kathy) gave up! The remainder of us made a pack and vowed to push each other to the top; quitting was not an option! Our legs were SUPER exhausted throughout the experience, but we never once thought about quitting! After climbing for a little over 2 hours (with many breaks in between), we finally reached the top! While there wasn’t anything special other than a shrine (we were hoping for a congratulatory flag or memo of some sort), we got to take home bragging rights and memories that will last a lifetime!