The Beginning!


Hello everyone, my name is Samiya Farah. I am from Kansas City, MO and I am a full-time student at Johnson County Community majoring nursing. This is my first time overseas and I am full of emotions, I really don’t know what to expect, but I am ready for this adventure! I am extremely sorry for not posting a pre-departure video, I’ve tried posting videos, but I couldn’t find any good Wi-Fi connections while traveling. I just landed in Italy a few hours safe and sound. My roommates are awesome and the apartment is wonderful especially the location. I cannot wait to start classes new week at Florence University of the Arts.

My goals for this fall semester in Florence, Italy is to be more independent and hopefully break out of my comfort zone, travel to many countries as I can, and make connections with people on campus. Also, while taking beginner Italian I would like to use the language in the community. I feel that if I’m speaking the language with the people, its like I’m part of the community.

I really apologize for not posting a video earlier. I am soooo excited about this journey and also the future! I want to thank FEA for making this possible. You don’t know how much this mean to me!