The Arrival






Reading is a very important element of life. I pity people who do not enjoy reading and avoid it. However, even as an avid reader from age 6, I still made a classic non-comprehensive mistake that almost cost me my trip to Japan. I took an initial connector flight from Savannah, Georgia to Detroit, Michigan and encountered no trouble. However when switching to my final plane, I misread my boarding pass and was sitting on the opposite side of the airport when the issued the final boarding call for my flight. So naturally I launched into a head long dead-run and covered the substantial distance in 11 minutes and arrived with 3 minutes to spare and the beginning symptoms of a heart attack.  Thankfully there were no more major complications during my arrival.

I have never been so nervous as when the clouds parted and all I could see was blue sky, sea and land. It was my first glimpse of Japan and for a moment I simply stopped breathing. After landing I disembarked and went through customs. Once through the gate, I was greeted by a gaggle of Japanese student volunteers who were helping students find their way to NUFS.   They were incredibly sweet and helpful. After a long bus ride to Nisshin and a brief taxi ride I arrived at Proxy Friends House.