Thanksgiving in Costa Rica




So what is your favorite holiday? Is it Christmas, Valentines day, or maybe even the great Columbus Day? If your anything like me you love Thanksgiving day. Well this year I spent Thanksgiving in Costa Rica where they don’t even celebrate it. It’s funny because in the US Christopher Columbus is believed to have discovered America but really he landed in Costa Rica first. Shouldn’t have the Pilgrims with the Indigenous people from Costa Rica had a fellowship over turkey and some delicious delicacies. Well anyway the day of turkey here was an experience. First we had a round table talk session about what we missed most about thanksgiving dinner. Then we got into a talk about the country delicacies such as chitterlings, pig foot, and one guy even brought up raccoon. After the day passed and I facetimed my family to wish each one of them a happyThanksgiving, I went to an Thanksgiving dinner at a Hotel.The dinner really surprised me because they had a beautiful spread. I must admit the turkey with the cheese potatoes and the salad was really good. It also reminded me how blessed I am because some people were at the restaurant of the hotel as well and it just reminded me of people on holidays who don’t have family to spend it with.Honestly it was my first holiday away from family and I honestly can say I would never want to do it again. Honestly the food is great but food can always be cooked but family and fellowship is priceless and is not promised. Well I can say that for Christmas it’s going to be one of the best holidays ever. Be blessed and Pura Vida.