Thankful for the people around me





Italy has been filled with meeting new characters from all around. One of the ones I can appreciate the most is the people who work within our program. Since the start, they advised and took care of us. From arranged trips to tours, and dinners to cooking classes. Any questions I had about anything including learning about Italian culture I would go straight to them. I am the annoying girl who always has a question. I am glad I have established a connection with them and their work does not go unnoticed. These are the people that made it happen! I told them about my life in America and tell them my real opinions on Italy. It is nice to have that good relationship with the administration.

I also made a trip out to Berlin, Germany. WOW! I loved it. I stayed at a hostel. That was a first for me and it took me a while to get used to it. Usually, I can adjust, but I just could not with the hostel. I ended up booking a cheap hotel and felt much better. We were placed with boys and they weren’t a problem but I could not get comfortable with sleeping with random older men. So there is that. Berlin was very nice. I hardly met any German people. It seems that a lot of people migrate there. I had a conversation with a taxi driver and he mentioned that there is a lot of work in Berlin so that must be a big factor. Everyone was very kind and the food was amazing. I can see myself living in Berlin. Anyway see you later!