Thank you France! Thank you FEA!


My study abroad experience has finally come to an end. After 6 and a half weeks in France, I am returning home to the states to my family and friends. Studying abroad in France was an awesome experience. I developed good friendships with french and american students, studied a new language, and explored a different culture.

What I enjoyed the most of this experience was meeting new people. I would have never imagined that I would develop great friendships with people from France. My study of the language and practice abroad gave me the ability to communicate in French and be able to develop these relationships. Through volunteering at daycares, eating with my host mom, and visiting a nearby village, I was able to indulge myself in the everyday life of a French person.

This study abroad experience taught me what its like to be a person of multiple nationalities abroad and allowed me to find a new sense of identity. After this program I want to continue learning and practicing French. I want to study abroad for longer in France or find an internship there. Nevertheless, I cannot be more thankful to the FEA for helping me fund this experience and providing constant support throughout the program. Post-program video will be posted soon!