Test Week and Ximen





To start off this week’s blog, I will admit that this has been the most unproductive week in terms of exploring adventure. I have learned, and I believe that everyone in the ICLP program has learned as well, that the course content is nothing to scoff at, even if it’s only four hours a day. Alas, the difficulty of the classes and the hours of review / preview that I spent towards them will often result in extensive study hours and minimal “fun” hours. Though, learning to me is fun. Regardless, I’m getting to know my classmates and teachers through our often interactions, and they share a lot of stories, I’m happy about that.

I have learned that all ICLP Flagship students’ are conducted biweekly on Friday, so this upcoming week will be more easy-going, until the week after where everyone will become fully alert and nervous. As unnatural as this statement sounds, I’m enjoying my classes more than I should. There are clear differences in the learning process between my home university and ICLP, they are not as different as the sun and the moon, but there are similarities. I would say that ICLP really is more intensive, as throughout the weekdays I don’t dare to ever go out, I prefer to progress on my homework instead. The course content is interesting, it’s just difficult. I digress, I’m loving it, and my teachers are amazing. My one on one teacher especially, as slow of a learner that I am, she is beyond patient with me, and I’m grateful for her always.

Friday night, my classmate Sam invited me to Ximen, Ximending Youth Shopping District, to go strolling around for interesting things. The closest MRT (subway) station is at Gongguan, and the pathway there was very straightforward, and man, am I thankful for the MRT, it’s more convenient than 7/11 (I live next to one)! Whenever we got to Ximen, I saw that the night life was vibrant, and the shopping district was even more so. There were people everywhere and shops all ready for business. Coming from a small town, the whole experience was bewildering, the wholesome crowd isn’t something I experience often, so it was nice to be surrounded by so many people. We first went to a H&M, which I’ve never been to, and there I desperately wanted to buy this green hawaiian shirt, but I restrained myself for the price far exceeded my budget. Next we went to a Uniqlo, and my goodness I’m so happy to have discovered this place. It’s originally a fashion and clothing company from Tokyo, but I guess I’m not too surprised to see one in Taipei. Me and Sam bought some new clothes there, and I was very happy with my purchases. We get lost every now and then, but getting lost is an unique adventure in itself, or so I believe. There were stores of all kinds, anything you would ever need, theater, home items, clothes, bookstores, you name it! Later on, I discovered that there was at most, perhaps six adidas stores in one block. Wow. I assume the Taiwanese people must really like adidas and not so much under armor or nike, because I didn’t really see those stores at all. Each district certainly has their unique selection of stores and food-places, it’s amazing. Overall, I really enjoyed my time.

(Ximen, where hundreds of people roam the streets in search of material goods, like adidas)

(One of many MRT’s that I went to this week, underground and very clean)

(This is the place where I found the delicacy in my featured image, I’m not sure what it is, but it was good)