Teramachi and Nishiki Market






Recently, I’ve been going to a shopping district in Kyoto!  It’s traditional Japanese goods and food – exactly my weak spot for spending money.  The Nishiki Market area is all food, and Teramachi and the surrounding streets and arcades, store, cafes – you name it!

The Nishiki Market portion is alllllll food.  Traditional Japanese treats, restaurants, street stands, sooo many things I wanted to spend money on!  I would eat there every day if I could.  The wagashi – traditional Japanese sweets – are so pretty.  I wish they had let me take pictures!

But Nishiki Market is surrounded by Teramachi and other shopping streets with even more things to spend money on.  Stones and jewelry and fans and kimono…

There were so many amazing products, but I knew deep down I would never be able to get them home.  Too bad…

The way to and from the shopping district in gorgeous – you have to cross this big river.  It’s so pretty at night!

There are a few small shrines and and temples in the area – just big enough to stop by and say hello.

Japan already feels so much like home – I can’t believe that all my friends are going to be going home at the end of this semester.  That’s just another two months!  We need to have as many adventures as possible before then.