Techno, New Internship Event, and Spanish (Medellin, COL, Week-5)





“Que chimba parce!”, a very common Spanish phrase here in Colombia meaning, “how cool my friend!”, or something like that. Basically summarizing my whole week 5, it was full of fun new experiences! The weekend started off with going to my first electric/techno club in the downtown center of Medellin. It was actually my first time even going downtown because it is known to be a more dangerous area than the other parts. However, I went with a group of other foreigners and we had a blast! We were all dancing and meeting new people until the next thing you know, the sun was coming up. There’s no sign telling you to go home worse than seeing the sun come up at the club.

The rest of the week proceeded to be a working week for the company I’m interning for, however, with new projects I had to manage. This week we completed our second Q&A Virtual event that I put together through Microsoft Teams software after having many issues with other platforms. The hardest part was making sure everything ran smoothly with the registration for all the 300+ investors and then the actual live virtual Q&A itself. In the end, it went beautifully, just as the first one did. It took patience and a ton of individual research to figure out which platform we should use next and the pros and cons of each of them. Like any project, I pulled through and made sure it ran nice and smooth between the investors and my company’s team as well. I also ended this week by finishing my 4-week Spanish course! I can truly say after taking classes Monday through Friday for those 4-weeks, I learned a lot and I am proud. However, I also learned that there’s a lot I DON’T know and still have a lot to practice. Therefore, it’s a win-lose situation, but my Spanish is way better after taking the course so I don’t regret it. Attached is the digital flyer I created for my company’s Q&A event and as well a screenshot of a new virtual 2D simulator platform where all the employees and I are able to create our own digital characters, share our camera, and host our team meetings on like a zoom call!