Some technical inconvenience would not stop me





This week I am posting a little late because my computer is still not functioning.  I had been trying to solve the issue with my laptop, but so far I haven’t found a solution while in Hong Kong. The company says that they do not have the parts in order to fix it, and the only solution is to fix it back in the U.S.  However, that hasn’t stopped me from posting. I go to the Central Library in Hong Kong instead which is located between the Tin Hua station and the Causeway station. The laptop issue is giving me some trouble to post on time, because the only chance I get to come to the library is on the weekends. But let’s talk about what happened this week. Last Saturday, June 30th as a mention in my last post, I went to help at the Crossroad Foundation located in New Territories. After we finished we went to eat and see the ocean on the other side at Gold Coast. That was a rewarding and fun activity for Saturday. Since we had a holiday here in Hong Kong this weekend, I took Sunday and Monday to explore the city some more.

On Sunday, I went to the Man Mo temple that is located near my job, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to go before. The temple was nice and I tried to be respectful. Sometimes people forget the fact that it is a temple, and that local people visit the temples to pray or perform religions rituals. I feel like we need to pay more attetion to our actions and respect the host country’s culture when visiting. I took a picture only to show you what I observed that day.

You can see that there is a person with incense and there were people praying and all around the                                       temple were many people taking pictures, posing, etc.

The next day, on Monday, I explored two markets “The Ladies Market” in Mong Kok and “The Electronic Market” in Sham Shui Po. If you have been in Hong Kong before, you might know that these markets are full of people. It was a really nice experience and I had a good time watching some groups dancing on the street coming out of the MTR station. Overall, I have been enjoying my second week in Hong Kong. Next week I will post abour my visit to Lantau Island.