Taking Care of Me, Before I Can Take Care of You





Self-care is an important concept to preserve one’s own mind and soul. Many people believe that when you are taking care of yourself first you are being selfish. However, I believe it is selfless to ensure your well-being is maintained to provide for others as well. When your busy taking care of everyone else you forget to take care of yourself. It is important to find a common balance between taking care of yourself and helping others. You want to make sure you are 110% so that you can provide care to others with the same amount of care as well.

One of the reasons why I wanted to take on this internship was not only because I hadn’t been out of the country before but also to acquire skills in physical therapy that will benefit my family. This past week I have had the chance to be alone with just me and my thoughts. I had a day to myself to just explore the realms of Australia. For once I wasn’t stressing over worrying about everyone else and taking the time for myself to destress and relax.

I sat down on the grass and looked all around me especially at the crystal blue water admiring all of the beauty around me. When I first came to Australia I thought it was selfish to come here without my family. They assured me that opportunities like this are once in a lifetime and I should be proud of my accomplishments. Now I understand that this time was for me to learn, grow and be an independent individual without my family.

Experiencing another part of the world on my own has been rewarding in providing me the sense of independence to figure out what type of person I am outside of my family. Being in Australia I have had time to reflect on taking care of myself physically and mentally.

In the process of eating clean and being proactive in my exercising routine, I was able to slim down. Not only has my physical appearance changed but my thought process has changed as well. I was able to let go of anything that was bothering me and just embrace my time here without the stress of being anxious at every minute.

By making those small changes I was able to see everything from a different perspective. Having time for yourself allows you to discover a different part of yourself that you never found before. I can see clearly that being an older sister is about taking the responsibility to set an example for my younger siblings and to be somebody that they look up to and be proud of.

I know that being in Australia was the action that I took to be the person to take my family to greater heights than I could’ve ever imagined. Coming back home with a different mindset will prove to be beneficial to be the person that others can count on but how you can count on yourself.