First Weekend Trip!





I could easily say this was one of the best weekends of my life. My friends and I flew to Geneva, Switzerland and I have never seen a more beautiful l sight. Anywhere you look, there’s a gorgeous background view of the Swiss Alps. We rented a car and also visited Lyon, France and Interlaken Switzerland for a few day trips.

We had an early morning flight on Friday so we were fortunate enough to get to Geneva at 9:30 am which gave us plenty of time to drive and spend the day in Lyon, France. We started our day off with of course some French crepes. However, they were a bit difficult to order since the only French word I know is bonjour. They were DELICIOUS though!

We then walked along the water and over bridges taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful view! For those who don’t know, Lyon is the third largest city in France and has such unique charm and character in each of their buildings.

Around lunchtime, we stopped for some French croissants and pastries. Throughout the whole day, we admired this beautiful castle-like building (La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière) at the very top of the hills, so one of my friends brought up the idea of climbing to the top to see the view. We obviously had to stop for macarons on the way though.

HUNDREDS of steps later, we made it to the top and admired a truly breathtaking view of the whole city. We stayed up there for a while until we realized it was already 9:00 pm and we still had to get back down the giant hill and drive two hours home. The sun sets way later in France so it really didn’t seem as late as it really was!

Saturday left me speechless. We drove to Interlaken, Switzerland. JUST WOW. The views of the mountains were some of the best sights I’ve ever seen! Pictures really never do them justice. While in Interlaken, we needed to try some iconic Swiss chocolate so we found this adorable chocolate shop called “Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland” where we enjoyed strawberries covered in chocolate fondue and chocolate milkshakes. They were absolutely incredible!

To end our adventurous day in Switzerland, why not paraglide off the Swiss Alps? If this is something that was not already on your bucket list, IT SHOULD BE. As if Interlaken didn’t alright leave me speechless, try flying off a mountain and view everything from above. I’m still in shock that I had the privilege of viewing something so beautiful while flying like a bird over the top! I really can’t even describe how life-changing that experience was.   

On Sunday, we spent the day walking around Geneva before we had to catch our flight back home to London. It was the perfect opportunity to devour some Swiss cheese fondue, something my taste buds could never get enough of! Geneva was also very beautiful and allowed for a relaxing final day. We definitely couldn’t stay in Geneva for a weekend and not visit the United Nations so we made one final pit stop before driving to the airport. This was so cool to see such an important meeting place for countries around the world! 

Our flight home was delayed, but honestly, it didn’t even matter as I’m just way too satisfied and still in shock about how extraordinary this past weekend has been! Stay tuned for more adventures around Europe!