Surprise Trip to Japan





The Digital Art Museum is an amazing attraction to visit! I went with my friend and the experience was just outstanding!

As the weeks get closer and closer, I need to take advantage of what time I have left here. So me just being random, I booked a ticket to Japan and decided to go from Wednesday to Saturday. I never that I had what it took to go anywhere and especially alone as well. Even though I was going alone I actually ran into some people who I met here at Hanyang University.

Wednesday morning, I arrive at the airport and pass through TSA smoothly. I wait as I make my trip to Japan which surprisingly takes about two hours from South Korea. When I arrived, it felt so different from South Korea. There was little pollution, and everywhere I went around was clean. The people I encountered that helped me get to my destination were all friendly and nice. You could say there are some similarities for both but just being in Japan was a dream come true.

One of the first things I did when I arrived was to head over to the Digital Art Museum. That is where I actually ran into one of my friends from Hanyang so we agreed to accompany one another just for that day. We were so amazed by the LED lights and the display they showed. Even one where the lantern room was held. Many people had the opportunity to take photos and we both did. In total we spent about and hour looking around and being amazing by all the illusions I would see.

Once we had completed our tour at the museum, we decided to head towards this huge Ferris Wheel. By the time we boarded the seats, it was night time. As we were making our way to the top, the view of Tokyo was getting better and better. You could see for miles and miles. Even Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Skytree was visible. The first day was a complete success, I did not expect to run into a friend so I was happy, but we both had different plans and things to do so we decided to do our own thing.

Took a trip on the Ferris Wheel all the way up!

The remaining days I had in Tokyo, I spent looking around many Shrines and Temples, and of course making my way to the top of Tokyo Tower, Observation Deck, and Tokyo Skytree. I did a lot of walking around because Tokyo was a little expensive to live in, so I figured walking would be the best option. I also went to many parks as well to admire the scenery, and I loved what Japan had to offer. I actually love this idea of traveling alone.

It gives me some time to think and clear my thoughts as well. My friends told me that I am so random, and I said of course you are right about that. Even on my trips around, I saw students who were attending a field trip on the weekends. The people in Japan are so nice and kind. Everyone is apologetic and they did nothing wrong, so I would tell them that I am sorry most of the time. People helped me find food, and helped me order as well. I tried some actual ramen and one of the thing my friends told me to do was to slurp my ramen when I ate it. He said that would show the chief that his cooking is delicious. Once advantage I had was that while I was in Korea, I was able to use chopsticks here, yes it took practice but it was much easier in Japan.

One of the many shrines I visited within my four days in Tokyo!
The Bonsai were in bloom when I arrived, and I have never seen one up close!







The shrines I went to were fill of history as well, some were covered in Gold, other closed off to the public but you could see from a distance. For me it was another place to stop and collect my thoughts and just admire the wind blowing off in the distance. I was able to see some Bonsai as well, that was amazing to see and I loved how they looked because I do not see that back in the United States.

Then again I met a different friend from Hanyang and he brought his friends from Japan. That night we explored the anime city, had dinner and to top it off we went to a Karaoke place to sing. That was one of my best nights I have had ever and especially in Japan. I expected this trip to be by myself, but I was blessed that I met these people on my trip. I cannot wait to see what I do next or where I go because the last of class I have to study as much as I can! Stay tuned for more to come!

I was amazed that Tokyo has such a great view at night! It was a great and sad moment at the same time!