Why are you studying Spanish in Costa Rica?


The famous question: Why are you studying Spanish in Costa Rica?

I have been asked this question various times in the past two weeks; Why are you studying Spanish in Costa Rica if you already know how to speak Spanish? Although I grew up in a household where we only spoke Spanish, my Spanish is not perfect. I can speak, read, write, and comprehend Spanish but I still have some difficulties with my native language. I am not perfect at placing the accent marks where they belong in a word and I still have to sound out large words in Spanish. 

I must clarify that it has not been the locals that have asked me this question, but students from the United States. At first I was shocked to hear this question, but I then understood why they were asking me this question. Many people, young and old and from different parts of the world, come to Intercultura (the school where I am study abroad in Costa Rica) to learn how to speak Spanish.

Many of the students begin learning basic grammar to the most complex. However, I am in not in Costa Rica to learn the grammatical structures of Spanish per se, I am in Costa Rica to practice my Spanish, learn new vocabulary, and learn about the culture of Costa Rica so that I can share my experiences with my future students.

I answer this question by explaining that I am studying abroad in Costa Rica to complete my last two Spanish classes that I have to complete for my Spanish degree. I then explain that my classes are not grammar classes but that they are special topic classes which are taught by my Spanish professors from the University of West Georgia.

After explaining my reasons why I am studying Spanish they then understand why I am here. At first I felt offended because, just like them, I am in Costa Rica to learn. However, I understand why they asked me this question because when I would speak they knew that I spoke good Spanish. Now when I am asked the question I simply smile and explain to them my reasons for studying abroad. I also add that I am in Costa Rica because I will be a Spanish teacher once I return to the United States. 

Week 2 Excursion

                                                                Manuel Antonio National Park.

This week I was able to explore another part of Costa Rica. I visited Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio Nation Park is a coastal rainforest reserve off of the Pacific ocean. Manuel Antonio is home to many animals but the most famous animal is the Capuchin Monkey.

Visitors are not allowed to bring in certain foods into the park such as sweets and sodas because people were feeding the monkeys these foods which then caused cavities in the monkeys teeth. You are allowed to bring in fruit and water only. However, the Capuchin’s love fruit and it is hard to keep the fruit away from them. They tend to travel in a pack and like to “steal” your food. Note to self never bring bananas near monkeys!

                                                            It is true monkeys love bananas! 

                                     Basilisk Lizard soaking up the sun by the pool in the morning.

Some type of reptile could it be a lizard or prehistoric dinosaur? I am not sure but I am pretty sure they are cousins.

Two weeks down, two more to go. I am excited to see what week three will bring!