The Study in Study Abroad





Midterm Week

Adapting to a change of environment can be different to different people. One’s habits start to form, priorities begin to evolve, and perspectives change. Getting accustomed to a change of environment can take anywhere between five days to two weeks. Overtime you begin to realize you are conforming. The cultural visits, weekend travels, and activities makes you forget you are learning too. In class, the information learned is easily comprehended. You learn history of Spain, art of Spain, culture of Spain, while in SPAIN.

You begin to learn more about the cultural visits through the information taught in class. You ask questions and begin to understand how this country you are living in functions. The classes are well informing, well taught, and effectively structured. The cultural visits are aligned with the class topics, making it convenient for you to learn accordingly. This week was spent studying for midterms, and midterm exams. Every student has their preferred method of studying, mine is writing. Specifically, rewriting my notes and using flashcards. I have come to understand that the american education system is far different then the Spain education system. Experiencing the Spaniard education system first hand has taught me to be patient.

In the United States, a large majority of students who are in college have a part time job. It was hard for me to conform to free weekday hours, so I decided to intern at a private catholic school. Working at a school takes a lot of patience, understanding, time management and comprehension skills. My specific intern task is to get the Spaniards students, who have been learning English their whole life, to speak in English. I take students one on one aside and make them comfortable enough to have a fluent English conversation with me. All Spaniard students have beginning or basic English capabilities. Since Spaniards are known to be close minded, many of them go on only knowing one language, that being Spanish.

My study abroad experience has taught me how important learning more than one language is. Being fluent in more than one language can open up endless opportunities.

 City Visit to Cathedral

To me, nothing is more rich than history. Learning about the history of the cathedral and climbing up the Giralda tower filled me with happiness and content. There are a few interesting facts to know about the cathedral of Seville. First fact, the cathedral of Seville is the largest cathedral in the world.

Second fact, Christopher Columbus’s son is buried in the cathedral. Third fact, Christopher Columbus himself is buried in the cathedral as well. My professor jokingly commented “here’s who is responsible for all of you guys” in a way I believe he is partially correct. I can’t imagine a world without America.

Taking an international relations class has taught me the importance of interrelations. Growing up I always knew there was more to the world than my surroundings, today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life I will continue to discover new places to explore.