Struggling to Readjust




Part of the Nice summer program includes an excursion to Marseille and Morocco, which I have known since signing up for this program. However, just after finally settling into a routine in Nice, we leave for Marseille. Even though I am really excited for courses in Marseille and the Morocco portion of the trip, I miss my newly established routine in Nice. We left early morning on the train – a 2 hour ride so it wasn’t bad. But, Marseille is so different compared to Nice. It’s a city with a lot of history, particularly immigration due to the port. It’s a lot bigger than Nice so it is more difficult to navigate my way through the city. I am in Marseille for 10 days total (I’m 3 days in so far), and it’s honestly been difficult to figure out what kind of groceries I should buy, public transport passes, and so on.

There has been some consistency which has greatly helped! For example, the professors we have in Nice came to Marseille with us, as well as one of the program coordinators! So, it’s nice to see some familiar places. They are also more hands-on for this excursion. The professors take us on field trips throughout Marseille, we have dinners together, and explore the city together. This allows the professors, as well as the rest of the students, to get to know each other better. I also appreciate a more hands-on, guided approach in Marseille because it makes me feel more comfortable and safe since Marseille is very different from Nice.

There are lots of more fun field trips planned, such as boat to a Marseille island, city food tour, and visits to historical landmarks. Then, it’s on to Morocco! The amount of change and traveling that has happened over the last couple days has made it difficult to adjust. But, it’s only been 3 days and I think I can start getting the hang of things soon. Until next week!