Stomach Flu – Not So Fun Subway Ride





This last week, we had an uninvited visitor visit us. These are craft guests that don’t care how you feel about them and if they are even wanted. I am talking about the stomach flu or the stomach bug. Ladies and Gentleman stay home and take care of yourself. Nothing good ever happens when you are sick.

Here the story unfolds…

After Korean Language Class, I picked up some tonkatsu kimbap from the local kimbap restaurant, Kimbap Heaven (every Korean knows about this place). I then proceeded to Grand Mart, the local grocery store to pick up a bag of chips and cookies. After a long day at school, it was going to be a nice night to relax with my wife. We enjoyed a nice and quite night at home. Everything went fine: brushed teeth, got ready for bed and then went to sleep. Around midnight – 2 am, the fun began. I began throwing up and having bowel movements. This has not been fun, or glamorous. I survived the night and then had to go to class to turn in a paper around 1pm. The 30-minute subway ride took it out of me. I looked like a zombie because of the sickness. I got to Dongguk and I thought getting a Gatorade would be ok. I thought I needed electrolytes and hydrogen to feel better. Note to self: DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING BUT SPRITE WHILE WITH STOMACH BUG. I drank a quarter of a small bottle of Gatorade and I began the fireworks show again. I made it to class early and gave my paper to my friend to turn in for me. I quickly exited and headed towards the subway. For the sake of time, I will give you the highlights of the trip home. I puked on the way home on the subway car. I cleaned it up with a rag and hanky. People just stared at me and watched me. I got off at the next stop and found the nearest restroom. Caught my breath and went back on the subway. I got home and headed directly for the shower. This had to be the most embarrassing day in Korea thus far, but I am not losing any sleep over it. It is times like these you will remember and learn from.

Now, my wife is sick. Just to state this: she has been taking care of me She has been so kind. Now it is my turn to take care of her. Like our vows said, “through sickness and in health.” It is time to fulfill my husbandly duty. It is a pleasure to serve my wife each and everyday, even when she is sick.