Star Wars… in Korea!!! Ahhhhh!





Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakening. I have grown up a huge Star Wars fan. When the trailer was released, I reverted back to the 7 year old boy who dreamed about carrying a blue lightsaber and vanquishing the forces of the dark side. I became so giddy with joy of how J.J. Abrams has (hopefully) brought Star Wars back to the Star Wars I loved and enjoyed when I was a kid. This is my opinion and by no means am I a professional movie critic.

Thoughts on Episodes I – III

Star Wars Episodes I-III were not terrible movies by any means. I used to think they were, but I recently watched them without a biased mind. I went in without expectations. I am not going to recap all the movies, but I am going to give my opinion of the overall movie trilogy. The Anakin Skywalker in the first episode was a bad choice, but Hayden Christensen was a great choice. He played the Sith Lord perfectly. Darth Vader had to be powerful, but had to be weak in a way to be easily controlled. He also had to be a little mentally crazy also. He played Anakin the best he could with the script he had. So props to him. Too much special effects and lack of practical effects. More focus on effects than story. So, not terrible movies, but were more Michale Bay than Spielberg.

Pre – Episode VII in South Korea

I am super excited and I can’t wait to see this movie here in South Korea. I will post some images of a Korean movie theater and some of the concessions. One of the yummy treats you can get is Fried Squid! So Star Wars and fried squid. Sounds like a winning combo! I am not going to geek out too much, but I will try my best to post some sweet Korean Star Wars posters and Korean Star Wars movie trailers.

Korean Trailer

(Courtesy of YouTube).

Korean Movie Poster