Spring is here!!






Cherry Blossoms everywhere!! This is the first time I have seen one up so close!

Spring is just around the corner here in South Korea! Back at home, spring was just a bloom of flowers everywhere you look. However, here in South Korea the definition of spring is something even more spectacular! Last weekend we visited a place called Gyeong-Ju, and this place is drastically different from Seoul. Here lies a city that holds history as far as time can tell. Located about four hours from Seoul, Gyeong-Ju located closer to the Mountains, and traveling to this location is worth the trip and the price. Gyeong-Ju is home to places as Bulguksa Temple, Kychon Hanok Village, and Anapji. Here is a brief description about each one!

Bulguska Temple: This temple is dedicated as a World Culture Asset by UNESCO in 1995. This temple is home to many stone relics and ancient homes as well. The temple was built around 528 during the Silla Kingdom. In fact, during the Imjin War (1592-1598) the temple burned down due to the Japanese Invasion. Throughout each dynasty the temple went through major renovations reaching around 40 times by1805. Unfortunately, the temple suffered damage as this temple was often targeted by robbers. In order to preserve and restore the temple to its former glory, a committee was formed in 1973 to help renovate and protect Bulguska Temple once and for all!

Take a look!
Such a beautiful day! Historic landmark!

Anapji: This was one of our last stops before heading to our Hostel to rest for the night. This place is famous not just for its gorgeous night view, but for its name. Originally this place was named Donggung Palace which refers to Sill’s crown price lived. During that time, the location was seen as a place where banquet venues would be held, and for important guest would attend. Sadly, when this place has fallen the location was left and abandoned, through time animals and plants overshadowed this place for many years. Here you can find many cherry blossom that blooms just as bright in the day.

I had to get a picture in the night view.
The view from the bridge is captivating!

Kyochon Hanok Village: This place was where Gukhak one of the first universities located on the Korean Peninsula. Most of the villages were called “Gyondong,” “Gyochon,” and “Gyo-ri”because everyone living around here studied Confucianism, which led to many schools that dedicated the time to Confucianism. One reason why this location attracts many tourist is because the of the ancient home of the Choi’s family. They portrayed the right image of being rich, meaning they obliged in helping the poor neighbors. Everywhere you look there are many traditional houses remain and preserve the history of the Choi family. Tourist can experience traditional culture and browse around for many hours!

Kyochon Hanok Village!
What more could I have asked for! So glad I came to South Korea!

This was one of the best places that I could have gone! I am thankful for attending Hanyang University, because they give students the opportunity to visit places like this. I hope as the semester continues, we will visit many more places throughout Seoul! Stay tuned!!

This was such an amazing group!