Spring has Sprung




Spring has definitely come to Oslo. Almost all of the snow has melted and the lake near my student accommodation has begun to thaw. This means no more ice skating and the amount of Norwegians who walk around in ski gear has gone down exponentially. Since this was my first real winter, a part of me will miss the endless snow and chilly temperature but a much larger part is happy I will no longer have to fear falling on ice everytime I step outside.

I really enjoyed this winter, I was able to participate in some really fun events. One thing I enjoyed the most was  learning to ice skate. I went quite a few times over the last couple of months and I think it  will be something I will try to do while in the states. I’m not sure where I’ll find an ice skating rink in my tiny Texas town but it will be one of my missions once I return. Everything is still barren, during a walk around the lake I noticed the trees all look a bit sad and dead. A Norwegian friend told me to wait until the mid of April, that’s when Oslo wakes up from its winter sleep. I look forward to it. Soon I’ll be thinking about this winter while dealing with the heat of Texas.

Outside of enjoying the new spring, I am still predominantly focusing on school. This is my last semester here and I was to make sure I do well. I’m still learning how to strike a good balance between school and social life. I think I need to spend a bit more time studying, I have classes everyday and on two days I have it all day. By the end of it I can be so tired and just want to turn my brain off. I need to get out of this habit. I need to make sure I am still putting the energy in to my schoolwork, long after school is over. I will be starting a new study system this week where I spend an hour plus every other day in the school library. I think if I do it this way I won’t feel burned out so quickly.

My next concern will be my fall semester back at my homes university. I only have a year before I graduate with my bachelors and I feel like I am in a crucial phases of my life. I need to begin deciding if i will do my masters (I will), what schools I will apply for, and what my major will be. I also need to continue looking for volunteer options that I want to do during the summer and winter holidays.

I do know one thing for sure, I hope to also take some time off before my masters to volunteer with the UN youth programs. If I’m not able to do UN Youth, I also want to apply for the peace corps. If I do apply for the peace corps, I will probably do so after after my masters as the commitment is a bit longer and I don’t want to take that much time off of school.Whatever happens though I will be happy with. I’m trying to learn not to plan out so much of the future because I realize that my goals will probably change but I do enjoy having a semi clear idea of my plans. Who knows what the future holds but I’m excited for the spring and all it has to offer.