Spring Break!


Welcome back everyone, this time around I was on spring break! Before anything else, I want to say that if there is anything that I miss from the US, it’s definitely air conditioning, so count your blessings! My room thankfully has an a/c, but unfortunately most other places don’t, so it definitely starts to feel like a sauna if a window isn’t open.

For Semana Santa, my friends and I decided to take a quick trip to Rome! What used to be the most powerful state in the world by the first century, is now a city filled with amazing architecture, and wonky brick streets. To be honest, I’m a firm believer that despite the strength of the Roman army, they had tons and tons of luck to be as powerful as they once were. As a very easy walkable city, my friends and I decided to take the touristy route and visit all the top attractions Rome had to offer (obviously) and take our time to see who remembers their history lessons! My friends and I visited the Colosseum, Ancient Ruins, Pantheon, Vatican City and so much more. We had amazing views, delicious food, and you can never count out the good wine as well. We also tried to buy Roman helmets and swords in the hopes we could take a funny picture in the Colosseum, but unfortunately that plan failed.

Aside from the initial acknowledgement that it’s such an ancient city with so much history, it was interesting to learn some new facts about romans. (Did you know that Romans sometimes used mouse brains as toothpaste? Weird but true!)

For the second half of my spring break, I headed towards Greece to meet with a friend back from University! With other friends from back home visiting as well, it was a nice family reunion and a nice change of pace from back home. To be quite honest, I felt homesick for a second, thinking about all my friends back home and all the amazing memories we had back in the US. My friends from University and I talked about our memories, and it really hit home how much I miss how things used to be. I’m really enjoying and loving my time abroad, but I’m also excited to go back and see the rest of my amazing friends as well. With our days filled with lots of laughter and catching up, we stayed from her lovely home, to her grandparents’ beach house! A truly refreshing trip, it made all the travel delays just a bit easier.

With an early morning flight back to my Madrid residence hall, a spring break vacation was much needed, and now we’re back to work and ready! Unfortunately, while there is only 6 weeks left of my study abroad experience (super sad), I’m truly grateful for all the amazing memories and friendships I’ve made so far, so until next time!