Spontaneous Opportunity!


Living abroad offers so many opportunities. There have been numerous trips and day excursions offered for both matriculated students as well as study abroad students here at St. Mary’s University. Some of which include, Wales, Scotland, and Paris. Initially, I did not sign up right away for them as I was nervous as the trip was advertised to students with very vague itineraries. I am the type of person who cannot easily go with the flow and I need to be organized with a clear agenda.

My study abroad friends signed up for Paris and were so stoked that they were going. I was content with my decision, but a little piece of me had doubts as the weeks got closer to their departure. As I’ve gotten older, I try to not live with regrets as my days cannot be reclaimed and I knew that if I did not sign-up last minute, I would regret it in the future. So I reached out to the travel advisor here, to see if I can sign up still even with a week’s notice. Luckily, there was only one spot left and I was able to go to Paris, France!

The Paris trip was truly surreal. It was everything I dreamed of and more! Not only this but, my new friends were alongside me enjoying the beautiful history. Everything happens for a reason and although it was a last minute decision, I found safety in the calculated risk. I am looking forward to exercising this skill more and strengthening my free-spirited side.