Spontaneous Adventure Again!





Geungmunm Beach was a definite place to visit and I am glad I did.

Well, it seems that I like to plan these adventures at random times throughout the week. At first, I just planned that within a few days, and then I was invited to go to Jeju Island from Friday to Tuesday. I was like sure thing, and lets do this random adventure again. I can see other friends of mine when they travel, they like to plan out everything as much as they can. I honestly, just wanted to see each part of the Island each day. What made this trip even better was, the owner of the guesthouse helped us plan our trip and we used that as a stepping stone. He recommended us where to visit and the best views to see within our four days. He was the best owner, because he was friendly and loved to talk about his life experience.

When we arrived on Friday night, we were tired since we had to find our way to the guesthouse. We called it an early night and we knew somethings we had planned. On Saturday we headed east of Jeju, because there was a place called Sunrise Peak and it was a attraction that was recommend. We arrived and made our way to the top, there were so many steps that we had to take breaks along the way. Thankfully, there were mini stores along the way that sold water and juice.

We forgot to pack anything to replenish our energy. Once we made it to the top of the Mountain, the view was something else. It was beautiful seeing the villages from atop. The ocean was in the distance, and you can see lighthouses and ferries leaving to go to mini islands. We eventually decided to make our way to one of the neighboring islands, and we slowly made our way admiring our view. Once we arrived to the terminal, we bought our ticket to U-do.

This island was known for its beaches and high lighthouse. Even the amount of time we had, we only made our way to the beach and rested for fifteen minutes. Seeing the water crystal clear, made me want to take a swim. There we just talked and talked until we made our way back to the Jeju. We were exhausted from all the climbing and riding that we decided to call it in early and grab some dinner. One interesting thing about the Island, is that it is much easier to go from place to place by car. Using a bus would take more time, because they come every thirty to an hour. If you missed your bus then you might be in trouble.

Sunrise Peak, even though it was not the best day. It was still worth it!

Next up was the South of Jeju, and I thought that this place was more beautiful. There were so many waterfalls to visit, and we made sure not to miss anything today. I we knew that we had to end the day off with the beach or a the Citrus Museum. With the sun out, and the cool breeze we walked and hiked our way to see these waterfalls. I love the sound that they made as the water came crashing down. Even the mist from the bottom slowly made its way the people and just cooled us off under the blazing sun.

We did that for the other waterfall as well and just relaxed for an hour. Since everything was close to one another we decided to walk from place to place and save us money. I think that was not the best idea, because we ended up exhausting ourselves even more. We took two breaks within a cafe and one of the cafes had a great view of the sea. Again, with all that walking we just fell asleep at the cafe for two hours. Our day was almost over, but we still made it to Hahyo beach. The sand was black which made it a great place to sit down and warm up from the cold breeze. Due to the time constraints we had to leave and make our way to the Citrus Museum.

The whole museum was dedicated to the history of citrus plants. I was amazed that there was so much history about a few fruits. They just went into detailed about how they are grown, what can harm them, where they originated and more. Very interesting and I did not know that Jeju was known for producing a lot of Citrus. They are everywhere in the South, which can help them with their economy. They have come up with ways to help implement citrus in their food which we had to try. I loved the smoothie and cake they had. I would say this was a successful day for the both of us!


The best place for a break, the view is breathtaking!
You can clearly see the water droplets as they come crashing down!










On the last day we decided we were not going to run from place to place and just go three beaches on the west coast. This was the best decision we could have made, when we arrived the water was so clear and you could feel the excitement in our voice. We only took our shoes off and walked in the water and that helped us cool down so much from the heat. We sat down and I guess you can imagine what we did, we feel asleep for an hour. The waves coming back and fourth just made it so peaceful and you forget about your worries. Today was the day we would relax until we could not relax anymore.

Slowly we made it to another beach, and the view and water and view was just the same. This time we decided that this would be the beach to watch the sunset. We just had to make sure about the last bus and when it would arrive, and thankfully the last bus would arrive around 8pm. Nothing but great vibes throughout the whole trip, we talked deeply about our lives and we got to know each other a little more. I feel like these types of moments brings people closer together, and surely the time came when the sun slowly retreated in the distance.

Never in my life have I seen such an amazing sight, I remember it so vividly and I will never forget that in my life. The day was a complete success and I am thankful for all of these experiences that happened in my life. All the friends I have made here is truly a blessing. I will never forget them, and with just a week left for some, I think this might be the hardest week for me. I need to look with a positive attitude, and know that I have grown from these experiences. Watch out for more as my two weeks come closer and closer to an end. Stay tuned!

It makes you stop and think about the decisions you have made in life that have led you to where you are today.
What more could I ask for in life!