SoHo Walking Tour


I was able to take a walking tour through the neighborhood of Soho. Once upon a time, Soho was a hunting district within London, but soon became a hub for those immigrating into the city. Today, Soho is a busy hub known for its nightlife, restaurants, and shopping district. Soho is home to many LGBT clubs and bars, one being Admiral Duncan, which was victim to a hate crime by bombing in 1999. Today, it is a lively bar that hosts weekly drag shows and karaoke nights. Soho also has a Chinatown district, and as my tour guide said, you can find the best restaurants in that area, but only if you stray away from the main road. We also visited some other historical pubs in the area, one being, The Lions Den, a pub that was frequently visited by a serial killer, and a pub named John Snow, named after the English physician who studied the spread of Cholera in London. He discovered that the disease was spread through contaminated water at a time where many government officials believed it was spread through contaminated air. Because of this, John Snow passed away before his discovery was ever acknowledged, but today there is a pub and a nearby water pump dedicated to his legacy.