Simply Blessed




This past week I have been thinking about how blessed I am to have the family and friends I have. Milan has become my home away from home and I am truly fortunate to have made the friends I have here. I started really reflecting on everything because this past week I got to hang out with many different groups of friends that have become my family here.

On Monday, I went to a Champion’s League soccer game (Inter vs. Barcelona) with 3 friends and it was such a blast! The stadium was crazy packed and even though the game ended in a tie, it was such a great game played by both teams. On Wednesday, my friend invited me and a few other friends for dinner at her place and she made us homemade tortellini and other delicious Italian food. There, we sat around the dinner table and told stories and created an even more special bond than we already had.

On Thursday, my Chinese roommate wanted us to meet her Italian friends so she invited us out to a restaurant with them. I am always excited to meet new people, especially locals because that is the reason I cam here- to create new memories with people different than me. On Friday and Saturday, I went out to a club with my friends and it was super fun like always. I love the nightlife here because it reminds me of the nightlife in San Diego and how diverse all the college students are.

Most importantly, I say I am blessed because my family is arriving in Milan on Wednesday to visit me. I am so lucky to have family that is willing to take time out of their busy lives and work schedules to come visit me for a week. In September, my boyfriend visited me and then in October my friend visited me, and now in November my mom and two sisters are visiting me.

I am never alone even though I am thousands of miles away from home. My family is bringing a little piece of home to me by staying with me for a few days. I am so grateful to have them here with me for a week because I will be missing out on Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family.

I think we will have a little Thanksgiving dinner here to celebrate early with them. Also, my sister is an adventurer like myself so she had me rent a car for a week so we could go to as many places as possible around Italy. I know I will have a blast with them and create unforgettable memories because we always have fun together. I am so blessed to have such caring people around me and people who want to experience new places with me.