Silver linings






Yet another week has gone by, and I’m still working on catching up with my work and assignments that are going to be due soon. The past week has consisted of lots of studying (mostly studying honestly), hot drinks, exercise, and late night conversations with friends and flatmates. The late night deep conversations with friends are so refreshing and nice. I think it was a bit hard in the first two months or so because I was still moving into space with my friends where we would feel comfortable talking about things that may be a bit more personal. Now I’ve had a few good heart to hearts with people and we are more comfortable sharing our problems, feelings, dreams, and fears with each other. Finding little bits of connection and fun social stuff in the midst of all these assignments has really been a hail mary for these long hours spent in front of the computer. On Monday we had a Game of Thrones watch party which was a lot of fun and a good little relief from some of the school stress. We’re also getting ready to have an event for the finale tomorrow night. I’m so excited!

Speaking of exciting, something I learned this week was that I can have my groceries delivered to me here. MIND. BLOWN. Now before you judge, I know this is probably not a huge excitement for most people as I realize most of the rest of America has this option, but coming from a very rural area of the big island of Hawaii, this is a completely new concept to me. Not having a car here is a bit hard because the closest grocery stores are not really walking distance when you have tons of groceries in your hands, so if I can sit here and continue my studies while someone brings me food? Yes please!

These past few weeks were a lot of school work, but next weekend I’ll be traveling to Auckland to go see Jane Goodall who is giving a lecture. Jane Goodall is a well-established primatologist and anthropologist who now focuses on matters of global welfare and conservation. I’ve known about her since I was really young, and she is such an inspiration to me. When I saw that she was coming I was so excited. It will be a dream to get to see her, and I’m really looking forward to exploring Auckland and seeing what’s up in the big city. During this weekend I’ll be traveling alone so I’m actually really excited about that too. Its the first time I’ve ever really traveled in a foreign country on my own and even though it is only for a weekend, it still feels like kind of a big deal. I will also be around for two weeks on my own after school ends, so I think this is good preparation for that.

Wow, well this post was really all over the place huh?

Ah well, such is life.


Some of my beautiful, amazing friends who I had the pleasure of traveling with during our two-week break.