Sightseeing the main spots in London





Hey everyone! This week I stayed in London and did all the touristy things. I went to the south side of London to Brixton and took part in a walking tour. I went to the David Bowie mural and saw ‘Electric Avenue’. It is neat to see all the statues and honoring of African American individuals and how the town has transformed over the many years. It was amazing and insightful to see intercultural communication throughout their markets and villages.

Moreover, this week, I went to the Walkie-Talkie building which is also known as the Fenchurch Building where we went up 32 floors to the Sky Garden. We saw all of London and looked over Tower Bridge. We took some photos together and had a good time with friends. Later we decided to go on the London Eye, this is the carousel that circles the Thames River and Big Ben. Being up so high was absolutely insane and I enjoyed seeing a 360°-degree view of the heart of London. I took lots of photos and made memories I will never forget.

I visited Notting Hill and my friends, and I all got matching bestie tote bags. It was a journey to get there but we did it navigating the tube! I ventured to Abbey Road and walked the iconic crosswalk of The Beatles with some study-abroad friends. We tried to recreate the album cover but were not successful haha. That day we discovered there are in fact 2 Abbey Roads, and we went to the wrong one at first. We saw the Abbey Road Studio and visited the gift shop as well. I took some photos with the street signs and everything!

Lastly, to conclude this week I went to the Tower of London where I was able to see the crown jewels. I saw many towers where spies were tried and history was made, and I saw the swords used by the Royal Family along with the armor. I ate some delicious Asian fusion cuisine and then visited Saint Paul’s Cathedral. I heard an organ player, and it was a beautiful moment in the church. As a whole, I had a lovely weekend reminiscing the last few days I have remaining in the United Kingdom. The honoring of the Queen has still been happening, but the funeral is next week. I will be sure to update you as more happens!

Thanks for reading.

Have an amazing day guys!