Sickness and Disappointment?






Before Chuseok, I was really busy. As a result, I slept less than 6 hours a day. There was always something to do. Either a financial assignment, badminton practice, volunteering, and even a blind date. Beginning monday, I have gotten really sick. As a result of the sickness, I can not do the things that I love doing, such as badminton or studying.
I am a little disappointed with my Korean language course. The curriculum is too slow. We will begin the sixth week of school on monday, and only the third chapter of the Korean textbook. I came here to learn Korean, instead this class is wasting my time. This winter when I have no business classes or distractions, I will sit in front of a computer and complete all the CD’s that are included with my Korean books. This will give me more utility that than the class does.
I don’t like to judge other people, but the other students in my Korean language class are terrible. They do not try hard or study at all. The class is going slow because the teacher is catering to the lowest percentile of the class. In addition, the students came here knowing no Korean at all. How hard is it to pick up and open a book before you get on the plane?