Shy Turtle






In my main class there were only four students, now C.J. has gone back home to England, well technically he’s from Singapore and studying in England and he took a semester to study abroad in Japan, but that’s not important. I just never realized how much of a buffer he was. Kim and I are friends and CJ was an acquaintance, but Markeith  and I just don’t get along, and Kim and Markeith don’t get along either. However with CJ there it kept everything running smoothly. Now that he’s gone, it’s a bit award. I’m looking forward to the last day of school so that this will end.

I actually read or hear somewhere that gaijin (foreigners in Japan) should be helpful and friendly to each other. I agree that you as a foreigner should be kind to others in a similar situation to you, but some of the people here make it too hard. They are constantly adding to the gaijin stereotype that I hate. So I’m going to settle for being civil instead of friendly. It’s the best I can do.


I live at proxy which has a free bin downstairs. Today I found a violin! I use to play in middle school so I was super excited to see what I remembered from my days as second chair.  I did have to replace the A string but luckily whoever had it previously had already bought a replacement string. I had to find sheet music from online only to realize that I couldn’t read it anymore. This might be harder than I thought.


My sister in America requested a  plushy doll for Christmas, actually now that I think about it she might have just asked for one for no real reason, cause I got her something else for Christmas. Regardless, it meant that I needed to make a trip to Apita (a great little mall about 20 minutes by bike from Proxy). I had already bought her a yukata ( like a kimono but way cheaper) but I needed ties for it so I decided to check there. In the end I did find the ties and they were ridiculously cheap. New kimono’s are very expensive ranging from several thousand to a couple of hundred dollars. If you get a used yukata they can be as low as 5 bucks. Usually they come with the ties but you have to purchase the obi ( the wide outside belt) separately.  It was kind of hard getting the ties because I had to ask the sales person for help but despite his looks he was perfectly nice and could speak some English. While I was there I found an adorable pig plushy so I got it for Kim as a late birthday present. I also found a shy turtle that I couldn’t resist so I let it follow me home.