Shopping in the Market




After a couple of weeks of learning a little bit of the Thai language, our instructors planned a Thai activity for the class. We were given an oral list of what we should gather at the market. The class was split into two teams and we compared our list with each other to make sure the items were the same. Not only did the teams have to gather the materials, we also had to bargain for a low price. The prize for the winner of this activity was pizza. We were all excited to start.

Before the activity, I felt somewhat comfortable with my Thai language. However, knowing I was actually going to use the Thai language, that I had learned so far, with local Thai people scared me. I was terrified that I would not be able to communicate with them due to my poor pronunciation. However, I was not alone because I was with another classmate and that comforted me. I overcame this barrier because I wanted to immerse myself in this culture. As a result, although it was a bit difficult to communicate with the locals, we tried our best to use our Thai and the activity was extremely fun- I really enjoyed it.

After our time in the market, we all went out to lunch and calculated who won. Additionally, the instructors treated us to either ice cream or a drink. Due to the early morning, I ended up getting coffee. The team that I was on won! Once our pizza was ready, we shared with everyone else because there was plenty to go around.