Sex Workers and Sheep





School is back in session, and I’m already tired. This week, I had a genetics lab on Wednesday, a flowsheet due on Thursday, and a prelab assignment due on Friday. I’m still working at CVOC, but at least the hours are more flexible and manageable than before. I’m also getting so pro at driving a huge van on the small roads of Christchurch, although I still hate having to turn right in this country. WHY ARE CARS SO SCARY HERE?!

It was an eventful week at CVOC as per usual. On Monday there was a very important evening meeting that I had to help set up for. It was quite a successful turnout considering the weather that day—the storm truly had “ominous-Shakespearian-tragedy” vibes. The rest of the week, the main goal was to organize the new container with all of the non-food donations and to clean up the other spaces that we had been using.

In terms of school-stuff, I didn’t have a Biodiversity lab this week—thank goodness—but I did have a 4-hour Genetics lab on Wednesday. And unlike the first one a month ago, I actually knew what I was doing! So THAT’S what flowsheets are for, lol. Then on Thursday, I submitted the two Genetics assignments due, and I actually turned in good work, so yay, winning!

However, things only got really interesting on Friday and Saturday because on Friday evening—after a long day at CVOC—I had to bail a friend out and help him volunteer for another charity, feeding the homeless and sex-worker populations of Christchurch. I dragged my friend Lizzie to help us as well, and we learned so much that night. Like, hard-core, real-life stuff about the city’s past, about the tourism industry, about sex work in New Zealand, etc. It was definitely enlightening, but then I had to pack and wake up early on Saturday because IFSA had an organized trip to Akaroa.

The beautiful views of the Akaroa hills that make me want to “let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset.” Yes, I recently watched Disney’s Brave.

Akaroa is beautiful! It’s a coastal town about an hour south of Christchurch that still has a strong French influence from their earlier colonization. To get to our weekend bach, there was a scenic bush walk with waterfall views and sheep included.

One of the gorgeous waterfalls along the walk to our weekend residence

The bach had no wifi or cell service or AC, so we had to old-school it; our group had to build a fire and actually TALK to each other to pass the time, what a concept. Just kidding, the conversation portion of the evening only lasted so long before someone remembered that they had the app Heads Up on their phone, so we spent a ridiculous amount of time playing that game. Suffice to say, we found out that we are truly a competitive group of Americans.

No big deal, just another sheep as a normal domestic pet

What I’ve learned:

  1. Prostitution was legalized in New Zealand 16 years ago
  2. The homeless population significantly decreased after the 2011 earthquake

What I need to learn:

  1. How to heavy lift and build muscle; I would definitely be the first to die in the Hunger Games
  2. How to give game clues in a CALM and NICE manner, haha.