Sevilla Welcome Week





It was the ten hour flight from Chicago to Seville that gave me time to think about the adventures to come during my first time in Europe, and my first semester studying abroad. I was nervous, excited, and ready to experience the great culture shock this trip abroad would bring. As the plane landed, it all felt a dream and still does, and I couldn’t help but be thankful for the opportunity to study abroad especially in Europe. After a 23 euro trip from the Seville airport to my host house, I was dropped off in front of a beautiful street in the local side of Seville. I pulled out a piece of paper with the written address and house number on it, buzzed my way through the front door and into the cutest apartment shared with two wonderful roommates. I have arrived to Spain on Wednesday the 19th of September, it has been four days and in those four days I have done more than I have ever done in four days in my life. From trying delicious chocolate churros, to climbing the world’s largest wooden structure. Sevilla has a lot to offer. The first week of the program also known as the ICS welcome week consisted of marvelous trips and excursions.

Thursday Evening:

The day after arrival consisted of a walk through the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds my host home. This neighborhood is known as “El Porvenir”. The area has some of the greatest affordable shops around town. Which are known as the “chinos” by the locals which refers to shops run by people of Chinese origin. After wandering the “El Porvenir” neighborhood, the group of students made our way through the city center to a delicious restaurant known as the “Los 100 Montaditos”. We enjoyed the variety of sandwiches from vegetarian to heavy meat. My drink of choice was a Sprite. Yet, when I said “Sprite” it sounds completely different than what they call it which is “Spry”. I met many students from all over the states. East Coast to West Coast, Hawaii, and Midwest.


Waking up jetlag wasn’t the greatest. But after continuous attempts me and my roommates headed our way to the “Desayuno Andaluz”. The breakfast time and menu is very strict. I tried ordering a fruitful smoothie, but unfortunately smoothies are only served in the afternoon. Breakfast items are limited, and a lot of those items are usually toast with jelly, or tomato and olive oil. I enjoyed the beautiful walk around the downtown area of Seville with the other classmates. Friday evening was spent in a street named after Cuba. My classmate from Florida mentioned that the street was very similar to the streets in Miami with a large Cuban population. I was awed at how colorful the streets and street homes were. There were many shops around the docs, and a very vivid nightlife. I was surprised at home empty it was around 11 p.m, but very alive at around 3 am. We enjoyed a belly dancing show at an Arabic tea hookah lounge. I have been to many hookah lounges in the states, Canada, and it was very interesting to witness the similarities and differences of the lounge and area surrounding the scene.