Şeki is a town in Northwestern Azerbaijan. It is fairly close to the Russian, Georgian, and Armenian borders. The region itself is famous for its mountains, cobblestone streets, and picturesque villages. I had the opportunity to visit this region two weeks ago. Our journey to Şeki, which is 4 hours away from Baku began with a stop to one of the oldest Mosques in Azerbaijan. From the Mosque we continued to a village called Qış. There we visited an Albanian temple and learned that the Nordic Vikings had once inhabited this region of Azerbaijan. Because of this Ancient history, Azerbaijan and Norway have had very good relations. The Temple itself was beautiful especially with the blue skies and mountains behind it.

Next we made our way to the town of Şeki. I have come to realize that outside of Baku there aren’t many places that are actually industrialized, which can be a nice thing. I found the same thing to be true in Şeki, there were hardly any people on the streets.img_2697

Afterwards we made our way to our hotel and spent the rest of the evening there. The following morning we made our to another village we were able to go horseback riding up the hills of the village.img_2696

On our final day as we  made our way back to Baku we stopped at this waterfall. The location itself was close to the Russian border. We were driven up the mountain by the old man in his Loda, there was snow and I didn’t think the car could make it up the slope. I was surprised by the view, ice, snow, and waterfall at the top of the mountain.img_2715