Second Week of School






Hi Everyone!

So this week, I finally got my classes settled! I’m taking the first level for both listening and writing classes, and the second level for my speaking class. My speaking class is actually pretty difficult because it includes writing characters, but I decided I wanted to challenge myself with at least one class. But with this speaking class, this 2nd week of school was very intense! I might have relaxed too much last week because I had an intense amount of Chinese characters to memorize. I had a dictation on Friday, and I had to start learning 40 powerpoint slides of Chinese characters from scratch. On the actual dictation I managed to get only 40% of the characters, even though I tried my best. However I spoke to the teacher and she said that she would be lenient on me since I’ve never learned how to write. :) I’m hoping to do a lot of catching up on writing, and hopefully things will get easier later on! :)

This is an example of what I'm studying! :)
This is an example of what I’m studying! :)

Well after all that studying, I took a break on Friday and explored another part of Beijing called “Zhongguancun” or “中关村“! My friend took me to a restaurant known for their Nanjing dishes! I really liked this restaurant because it had a traditional feel to it and the food was delicious! I’ve actually never tried the dishes we ordered, although I have tried many types of Chinese dishes. It’s amazing how different Chinese dishes can be in various provinces!

A peek of the Nanjing Restaurant!
A peek of the Nanjing Restaurant!