Second Week in Cuenca





I have completed my second week.  It seems like I’ve been here forever, but it also seems like time is flying.  I love the siestas; it’s going to be difficult to get adjusted back to my work schedule back in the states. 

Some things have changed.  The school decided to let us choose whether we wanted to stay in the hostel or in the residence hall.  It was a difficult decision, but I decided to stay in the hostel.  Only one person went to the dorms.  The Senora’s name is Pepa – I love me some of her cookin’!!!  I never knew there were so many ways to prepare vegetables and other foods.  The produce here is sooo much better than in the states.  It just tastes so fresh, natural, and succulent.  She is also a sweetheart.  She calls me her “Hermana”, which means sister.   I included a pic of when we celebrated her birthday.    There are also pictures of the dogs – there are four – Lobo, which is the Spanish word for Wolf.   You’ll see why when you see his pic.  He is beautiful.  Then there is Lily.  I was sitting in her spot at the table and she took the spot next to me.  She is such a little baby.  The long-haired brown one is Tachi.  She is the most laid back dog ever.  If she could speak, I think she would say, “Whatever dude”.  And finally Gaurgi.  Or something like that.  She is a princess – very regal looking. 

I have had a difficult time this week learning that I am not as young as the others and feeling like I don’t belong.  L  In fact, I decided to stay at the hostel instead of going to Madrid with them.  Pepa was very perceptive and guess what?  I now have my own room with a full bed instead of a twin.  And the best part – it has AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so much happier.  Also, I have decided to take a bus to school in the mornings because my feet could not take any more of the hills.  I bought some tennis shoes and I don’t mind walking back afterwards because there’s hardly any uphill moments then, thank God.

Other changes – about 50 Taiwanese students arrived this weekend and our group will be splitting into classes with them.  I love change, I love change, I love change….. You’ll find a picture of them, too.

I found the mall and had a day of retail therapy to lift my spirits. Not only that, but I got to eat at McDonalds.  I was so content.

We went swimming in a pool last weekend and I have never been in water so cold in my life!  Nevertheless, I’m lovin’ it!

Pepa took me out to dinner last night and I ate something interesting that I have been wanting to try.  You’re gonna love this, LOL.  It is called mortruela – it is a mixture of meat and liver of different kinds of animals, like hen, chicken, lamb, rabbit, and pork.  It kind of looks like something a dog does outside.  See if you agree.  But it was good.  I also tried lamb intestines, they were pretty good also.

My Spanish has improved immensely, except for my verb tenses, which I have started really trying to study seriously today.  While using WordReference online, I saw a word and decided to look it up.  Lo and behold, it describes me… I am a tiquismiquis – a stickler or a fuss pot.  LOL.  Til next week!!  Hasta luego.

Some of the Taiwanese students


Mortruelo.  No, it's not dog crap.


Tachi, in her usual position.  They love the cool tile floor.

Gaugi - too snobby to look at me.

My new room - dig it?

Pepa's birthday party