Second to last Week



This week was a very interesting study into how London film producers and directors sought to recreate London and key parts of the city’s history. Our professor encouraged us to examine the surroundings of the characters and any minute detail found in the scene.

I have always thought background scenes were just created to give the characters something to move within. The producers and directors often used iconic London locations to reaffirm to their audience that they were viewing London, England, a city with a rich and varied history.

Films have been used to voice political and social options as well as pose philosophical questions to their audience. A minute detail could tell the audience quite a bit if they seek to examine beyond the surface. The minute details could include a portrait centered in a room, which conveys a level of importance to the individual within. A mood could be conveyed through lighting and shadow effects as well to create a sinister atmosphere or convey a dark foreshadowing.

This week after a brief presentation of analyzing a scene from a London film, we created a short essay in which we examined the scene in more depth by collaborating in a group. The group work was quite interesting as it led to many discussions into our own interpretations of a scene.

I honestly thought most would draw the same conclusion regarding one scene, but there was always something new brought to my attention when we discussed the scene. Everyone brought something new to the table which led to what I hope was an insightful and informative paper detailing the scene and how it gave sustenance to a characters’ persona.


As the program draws to a close, the weekly activities increased as I sought to avoid the dreaded ‘FOMO’: Feeling of missing out. Everyday of this week, I did something. I went to the theater three times, shopped at two separate market places, and went out with friends.

It seems like quite a bit writing this now, but my days never felt rushed. Resting wasn’t really done as I kept recalling a quote from Benjamin Franklin: I will rest when I am dead. I didn’t put my feet up once unless I was meaning to fall asleep. After all, I only had less than two weeks left before returning to the US. I couldn’t afford to rest! 

Of course, as most students with this harried mindset know, a crash was inevitable. Luckily for me it occurred Friday afternoon. I blinked while typing up my report and woke up the next morning, thinking it was still Friday. Although the slight coma helped, I was still a bit achy and disorientated so I took Saturday to relax.

I washed my hair and clothes, had pancakes for breakfast, and had lunch in the park. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was still a delightful time as I took a moment to really take in everything around me. Always remember to take time for yourself; every hour doesn’t have to be filled. Despite what you fear, you will be travelling out of the US again. Once that flame is lit, there is no putting it out.