Scotland and London (Fall Break)



Last week it was fall break for us who attends to Florence University of the Arts. I’ve decided to spend my break with family members in Scotland that I’ve never seen face to face before. And, it was an emotional moment for me of course. Friday morning (October 23th) was the day I depart from Italy to Scotland. I was sooo nervous during my travels because I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never thought I would actually meet my mother’s sister for the time and my cousin who is the same age as me.

When I landed in Scotland, I was shocked! I could not believe that I am actually in United Kingdom. I’ve always dream of coming to Scotland. I love the history, the culture, the way they talk (OMG), and of course the bagpipes. When I got through the UK Broader (if you are planning to travel to the UK get prepare to be ask a lot of questions :/) and when I saw my aunt in the waiting room, right away I thought of mother and I started to tear up because she looks exactly like her. It was a powerful moment and I was happy because I needed to be family.

During my time in Scotland, I was able to visit multiple places. My cousin and I went on a day trip to Edinburgh and visit their castle and also explored more of the medieval old town. Which was very beautiful.

We also had a family day to travel around Glasgow including visiting one of the top universities in Scotland. Later that day, we wanted to visit the oldest house in Scotland, but couldn’t find it. So we decided to ask a older lady we saw walking in our direction. Omg, she is the sweetest and kindest person on earth. And her accent was just BEAUTIFUL!!! After she gave us directions to the house, she asked us where we’re from. And I told her I’m from Missouri, and her daughter lives there which is awesome *whoot whoot* by the way, she was very hilarious. She told us that our skin and hair is beautiful, and wanted her daughter to marry an African American so they can have mixed children. She also said that we’re lucky because “Black doesn’t crack” it was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard because of accent. She also gave us her number so we can have biscuits and tea.

On Tuesday morning (October 27th) we took a train from Scotland to go visit London for a few days. London was absolutely beautiful! The first night we arrive we wanted to do some sight seeing and was able to go see the Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace as well. We walked by the Palace of Westminster and let me tell it was so beautiful to walk by at night. There weren’t a lot of people around that time and was breathtaking.

On Friday we arrived back to Scotland and I was super excited to be back. There is something about the country that I love. Its very welcoming and everywhere you go you hear bagpipes (which I love). I really don’t how Scotland grew an huge impact on me already, but I have a feeling I will be back. Who knows I might do my master in University of Glasgow.

Halloween was my last in this beautiful city and country. I wanted to have a relaxing day just to walk around and just explore. Also, staring at folks who dressed up for Halloween. We had lunch at Hard Rock café and it was my first time dining there (the food was delicious) and we ended the night watching James Bond Spectre, which was brilliant.