Saying Goodbyes


Hello! I will first like to start with a brief introduction to myself. My name is Cassandra Casas, I am a second year student at Alverno College in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I’m majoring in International Relations (also known as Global Studies) and my minor is in Elective Studies with a concentration on Public Health. For this spring semester, I will be studying abroad in London through the CAPA program! I am beyond thrilled to begin this new chapter in my life, as I know this will be the introduction to potentially other travel experiences in my future. In London I will be taking courses within a concentration in Social Justice and Community Engagement, some of my courses include, Global Perspectives on Human Rights in Action and Feminist London. Apart from my exciting courses, I will also be interning at a Community Center called Castlehaven focused on building the wellbeing for everyone in the community. Because of my experience in working with healthcenters, and non profits I believe I will thrive and learn from my internship experience. As my last days in Milwaukee approach, I begin to reflect more and more about the transformative aspects I know studying abroad will bring to my life. But saying goodbye to my family and friends is not easy. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, meaning that all the people closest to me are also from Milwaukee. I’m grateful to have a strong support system but goodbyes are always hard. Another difficulty I have encountered throughout my last days here is managing tasks that seem straightforward (such as packing) but are actually tasks that you have to intricately plan out (if you’re an overpacker like me). For anyone reading this and would like a recommendation, please make a list of the things you plan to take with you for every bag you are taking, and one by one check it off the list. Randomly stuffing your bags will do you no good. A nuance I have come to find is converters and voltage converters. I had to do what seemed like extensive research in order to correctly purchase the suitable converter for my chargers to use once I will arrive in England. All in all, I am so excited to be arriving in England soon, and getting to explore the many museums, theaters and restaurants that the city has to offer. I also received my accommodation last week, and I have been adding things to do to my “Must See Places” list in order to explore the neighborhood I will be living in. I hope to see as much of the city as I can, and I can’t wait to continue blogging about my experiences abroad.