Sapporo, Hokkaido





A quick view of the observatory tower in the heart of downtown Sapporo.

Together with Angwara, a friend who is studying abroad in Kobe, a city nearby Osaka, we boarded the Peach airplane on a 1.5 hour to Hokkaido. Peach airlines is a small startup company that sells tickets for low price. They own small pink planes! They also have their own boarding gate at the second terminal od the Osaka airport.

The weather was anticipating cold, but I am well prepared with two layers of pants. We arrived Sapporo, Japan’s third largest city to be awestruck by it’s advanced infrastructure mixed with loud and vivid architecture throughout it’s shopping commercial district. We explored the heart of Sapporo where the Sapporo clock tower and main governmental building was built.

Sapporo Tower.

Very delicious Hokkaido speciality  curry soup!

Park for leisure walk