Rome is Home: Here is to the Next Three Months!




It has been five days since quarantining, and I have been continuously on the move since. Initially, I was trying to explore everything I can before school starts; however, my friend told me that it’s okay to take time to slow down because Rome is our home for the next three months. That stuck with me because I often felt rushed to see everything as soon as possible. Since Lazio is turning from orange to yellow, I can start dining in at restaurants and visiting museums beginning February 14th.

I walk everywhere because I am not sure how to use the metro or buses yet. Hopefully, by the end of next month, I will be used to navigating public transportation. Some of my Italian friends say the metro is a bit difficult to navigate. Most Romans travel by foot, so I have been working off my pasta and pizza! My favorite place I have visited is Vatican City because of how spectacular Saint Peter’s Basilica is. When I was standing in front of St. Peter Basilica, I was in awe because of how large the physical building was (considering I am only 4’10) and the importance of the church back then. I have never seen anything like it back at home. Check out the video below to see what I did at Vatican City!

I feel blessed to attend in-person classes starting tomorrow because it has been a little over a year since I have been physically in school. I am looking forward to walking 25 minutes away and exploring the streets of Rome on the way. Attending online courses has been difficult in many aspects, including wi-fi problems and focusing my attention on my computer screen for work, classes, and clubs. I anticipated stepping foot on Temple Rome, located right beside the Tiber River on Via Lungotevere (street name). Look forward to a tour of my campus soon!!!