ROCK out loud!





You just have to know when to laugh at yourself. And it’s ok cause I did this in Japan.


So a few weeks back, while Kim and I were at Kizuna, we met and old friend of Mo-chan ( the owner) who plays in a rock band called VISCO. Her name is Moechi Yamaguchi and she plays the bass guitar. She invited us to one of her shows in Sakae.  The show started at six so we decided to leave at 4:30 in order to give us time to get to Sakae and find the place. First we both got distracted getting all dolled-up so we were late leaving. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Kim told me that she had directions to get us there. So we biked to where Kim thought Fujikara station was. It was a different line, so we biked on in the “right” direction hoping to find it. Thirty minutes later  we were lost and no closer to getting to Sakae. So we backtracked I remembered how to get to Kamiyashiro station. (on the train line going from nearest to farthest, from Nisshin to Sakae it is : Fujikara – Hongo – Kamiyashiro – (etc. Other stops that I forget)- Motoyama – (etc. I forget) – Imaike – (etc. I forget. Not really important)- and then Sakae…and past it towards Nagoya)

I couldn’t  remember exactly where Hongo was since I’d never biked there, so we actually ended up riding past it. Anyway we finally reach Kamiyashiro at 6 pm. We find a place to park our bikes and walk back to the station; there is no free parking right around the station. Once we get on the train Kim shows me her directions for the club. It was a list of street names…that’s it. (-.-:)yeah. So we arrive at Sakae forty minutes late with bad directions to a club we have never been to. By pure luck and the grace of God we arrived there after about ten minutes of walking. Moe-san’s band had already finished but we got to hear and see the remaining two bands perform. Once everyone was finished we stayed and mingled with the bands. We meet her other band members Yuki, the vocalist, Gan the guitarist who actually goes to Nagoya University aka he’s super smart, and Occhii who plays the drums and is quite young too.We left soon after to catch the train home (after a brief stop at Coco’s Curry house for dinner. hehe)


The very last of my exams was on Monday so the rest of the week was just busy work and review. (although they did give us homework for over the break). Today they hosted the going away ceremony and after party for students who were returning home. After the party Sohpia, Kim and I all went out for cake. We decided to visit this little cafe near NUFS that Sophia wanted to try before she left. On the way back to Proxy to eat the cake we stopped at a playground and ran around playing like we were little kids again. It also started to snow… well sort of, it was more like rain snow. However, it felt just magical and the perfect send off for Sophia.

We finally came back to proxy winded but having a blast. After eating the cake in Sophia’s room, Kim and I headed up to our rooms. As we were standing outside of our doors a mini earthquake came up. It was a bit more startling than the first one because it lasted a bit longer. However, nothing fell and we just looked at each other and then burst out laughing. We’re kind of crazy.


Today I was so late. I didn’t wake up until 8:30 about 15 minutes before I was suppose to leave. I went to go see if Kim had already left and she was running just as late. So we rode to school together and headed to kanji class. That day we were doing calligraphy with the other three classes. So we practiced writing kanji with the traditional ink and brushes. It was hard but fun. It’s the last day of school! Strange to see how much time has passed. It’s sad that so many of my friends here are going home. Only one of them is coming back next semester, she had to leave for medical reasons. Everyone else has already been here for a year or was only here for a semester. It’s kind of sad to have say goodbye to them so soon. It is going to be rather quiet for the holidays around here. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to it.