Roadtrip Through England





Yesterday, I took a bus trip that dropped my friends and I off at Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath. All three locations were very unique, compared to each other and what I’ve seen in central London so far. If you are ever in the area I would definitely recommend taking a trip to see these places, it was totally worth it!

We started off by heading to Windsor, this was about a 45-minute ride from London by bus. I didn’t really know what to expect of this place, I kind of thought it was just the castle there. But we actually got off in the cutest little town area, there was lots of shopping and restaurants, plenty to do to fill an afternoon. Unfortunately, our day was jam-packed, so we didn’t have any time to explore, but I think I will try to go back before the summer is over! The Windsor Castle was beautiful, this was my first time seeing a castle and it lived up to my expectations. The Queen’s flag was flying, so she was there, but we didn’t get to see her. This is her main residence these days, especially on the weekends. The stonework of the castle was so old looking, which I found really cool, such a contrast from anything in the United States, the architecture is so different over here. And the inside of the castle was just breathtaking, so luxurious. I can just imagine the old royals hosting guests and eating dinner there, it’s exactly like the castles out of a storybook.

Our next stop was Stonehenge, which was about an hour away from Windsor. This is my favorite thing I have seen since I stepped foot in England. I was absolutely mesmerized by it, so unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! We chose the absolute most beautiful day for this trip, the sky was so blue and the grass so lush, especially where Stonehenge was. I didn’t realize it was just surrounded by acres and acres of farmland. I think that is what made it so special, looking around from all sides you just see grass indefinitely. It’s almost like magic how such huge rocks could appear in such an intricate pattern in the middle of nowhere and it shows the sophistication of people even back then in 3000 BC. I thought we would be able to go right up to the rocks and touch them, but unfortunately they were roped off. Still a stunning view of them though and something I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

We then made our final move to Bath, about an hour or two from Stonehenge. This was another really cute and quaint city. We stopped right in the center and it felt like we were in a little village, definitely got Italian vibes from it. We had tickets to see the Roman baths. They were cool, the water was much greener than I was expecting though, not the kind of water I would want to bathe in. A lot of the original architecture from when the Romans built it is still standing, so I found that very interesting to look at. Again, it blows my mind how detailed and intricate people were back then, especially considering they had none of the technology we do today, it’s so impressive. We had some time to walk around a bit and got delicious creamed ice cream, from cows that are right down the street from the shop. I think this is a city you could spend a day or two in and not get bored, especially if you’re interested in historical fiction as a lot of movies and shows were filmed there and Jane Austen lived there. It had a great spirit, with lots of people outside enjoying the beauty of the town square and park beside the river.

Our bus ride home was supposed to be around 2.5 hours, but we hit loads of traffic and it ended up being around 4 hours, so that was not a fun end to a great day. But it was definitely worth it for me, I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the places we went to and it was such a nice change of scenery from bustling London. The scenery itself was beautiful while we were driving through the countryside. Overall, a super fun trip with some amazing memories made! Hoping to make more memories next week in Scotland, can’t wait to share that with you all!