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I’ve been back for three days now, and I already miss Spain. That trip was everything I could ask for and more. I met so many new people from so many countries including London, Germany, Ukraine, and France. I got to experience so much culture and art, which was really the highlight of my trip. Between all the museum visits and walking tours, I learned so much about Spain. I really enjoyed trying new foods and shopping at the grocery stores because it’s so different than how it is over here. I think it’s definitely going to take some time for me to adjust back to my life in America because in this last month, I’ve had a completely different lifestyle. I did have some bad experiences, and I don’t want to go too deep into them because it was slightly traumatic but all in all this study aboard program was everything and more. Being an artist, I want to continue to travel and capture life; to learn and grow as an individual. That is my plan at the moment.